Excursions to see whales and marine animals in Liguria and the French Riviera feature a fantastic voyage on the Mediterranean to enjoy amazing encounters with the sea creatures that have always fascinated people: whales, dolphins and other species. The itinerary also includes a visit to important museums and aquariums dedicated to marine life.


Whale watching - avvistamento cetacei mar ligure

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Program: 1 full day and 1 half day to discover the sea creatures of the Ligurian Sea

During the months from May to October it is possible to embark from San Remo for a voyage of approximately six hours to explore the Cetacean Sanctuary, which covers the stretch of sea between the Italian Riviera, Elba and Corsica, and aims to protect more than 2000 cetaceans belonging to eight different species, including the large whales of the Mediterranean, which populate the Ligurian Sea during the warm season.

The famous Oceanographic Museum of Monte Carlo, inaugurated in 1910 by Prince Albert I, displays numerous species of preserved marine animals and models of ships and equipment used by pioneers in the exploration of the oceans. In the lower level, the Aquarium offers visitors the fantastic spectacle of a wide diversity of marine flora and fauna. The museum, housed in the historic Fortress, gives visitors the opportunity to approach the Principality of Monaco with a fresh perspective, one that is light years away from the worldly fame that it is known for.


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