museo delle meraviglie tenda

Educational Excursions: Prehistoric Ligurian Riviera consist of a group of three tours organized by Nyala Wonder Travel that are designed to explore sites of prehistoric history that testify to the earliest human presence in Liguria.

Educational Excursions: Prehistoric Ligurian Riviera: 3 marvelous half day tours

The Ligurian Riviera has been inhabited since the dawn of history. Not to be missed is the Museum of Balzi Rossi, along the coast on the border between Italy and France; it is designed around the Barma Grande,  in which  two tombs dating back to the Paleolithic age are preserved, while in the adjacent museum stone sculptures, wall carvings and many stone tools that were the accompaniments of everyday life can be found.

An important stop in the discovery of local prehistory is the Museo delle Meravigle of Tenda, opened recently, and dedicated to the rock engravings of the Mount Bego region.  The museum tells the story of this heritage out of doors with a permanent collection as well as temporary exhibitions.  Of great educational interest are the six life-sized dioramas illustrating the life of pastoral peoples from the Bronze Age to the present day.

From Tenda a hike can be planned along the trails of the Valle delle Meraviglie which is rich in petroglyphs and provides spectacular and unspoiled scenery.


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