Culture and Heritage Trips

Culture and Heritage Trips in the French and Italian Riviera

Cattedrale Ventimiglia Discover our programs for organizing school trips on the Italian and French Rivieras. In this section we present a series of typical days that you can combine as you wish to build a travel program tailored to your educational needs. It will then be our responsibility to provide the necessary services: accommodation, tour guides, tickets, etc..

The extreme Western shore of the French and Italian Rivieras offer a tremendous opportunity for an educational trip, which, starting from fascinating and fashionable locations such as Monte Carlo, Nice, Cannes and San Remo, will take you to discover ancient traditions and modern influences.

Our programs will allow you to discover the prehistory of the Mediterranean basin with visits to museums and caves, rich in rock engravings and prehistoric evidence.

Your students will be able to discover the splendor of the Roman empire, with the conquest of the Alps and the Via Julia Augusta, with the ancient cities of Abintimilium and Nikaia.

The Middle Ages left us extraordinary historic centers and delightful stone villages, where you can appreciate how life flows today with the same rhythms of a thousand years ago.

The birth of modern tourism, right here  on the Riviera, offered an  extraordinary setting that was frequented by aristocrats and great artists; you can relive this era through visits to extraordinary villas and lush botanical gardens, with the opportunity to appreciate many priceless works of art.



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