Nyala Wonder Travel takes you back in time to discover fascinating Roman remains and archeological sites. Via Julia Augusta and Greek-Roman Gaul are two sites we visit as part of a fantastic excursion to learn all about their history and culture.

trofeo augusto


The Via Julia Augusta and Greek-Roman Gaul itinerary offers two half day trips to discover the historical legacy of Imperial Rome in Liguria.

The Via Julia Augusta and Greek-Roman Gaul itinerary starts with Ventimiglia, where you can visit the remains of the Roman city of Albintimilium, crossed by the Via Julia Augusta, paved with white limestone, which intersected with the decumanus maximus.  There, you can visit the thermal baths, the theater,  the houses of the nobility, the ancient living quarters furnished with rich mosaics and ornaments, including many important treasures recovered from archaeological excavations.

The trip continues to La Turbie, where it is possible to visit the Trophy of Augustus, an impressive Roman monument which is located 480 meters above sea level, and now overlooks the Principality of Monaco. The monument was erected in the years 7-6 BC in honor of Emperor Augustus to commemorate the military expedition of 15 BC in which Drusus and Tiberius conquered 46 Alpine tribes, and it served to demarcate the border between Italy and Narbonese Gaul along the Via Julia Augusta.

Then, on to Nice: Nikaia, as it was christened by the Greeks who founded it, has a vast archaeological site dating from Roman times on the hill of Cimiez, with amphitheater, arena, thermal baths, and an early Christian basilica surrounded by olive trees.  The site is home to the legendary jazz festival held each year.  In Cimiez you can also visit the Chagall Museum and Matisse Museum.


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