Imagine a painter’s palette with its many colors and shades. On this trip you will be the artist of your visits and the palette is truly rich!

Under the sun, in the shade of a palm or an olive tree … contemplate what beauty we are going to offer you  in these unforgettable tours.

On the one hand, the Riviera di Ponente and Levante, so sunny, colorful, scented, where no one makes an appointment , but everyone is on time.
You will find yourself in an Italian Riviera that has always known how to preserve historic traces of a flourishing classical civilization, with its coastline and its hinterland dotted with small stone villages stretching along the road of salt and pilgrimages, witness to a life  marked by the seasons of the vine and of the olive for more than a thousand years.

Just look at the sun melting into the horizon, catapulting you to into a land of ancient roots. The Langhe and Roero will take you back in time; just recall that in these places the Roman colonization, which  began in the second century BC, was intense and prolonged , expanding into a territory already inhabited by Gallo-Celtic tribes. You are now in a land with a plentiful wine tradition, where  Barbera and Barbaresco dominate the dining table, the latter actually mentioned by Livy in his monumental history of Rome.

Leaving behind the sights and tastes of the Langhe and Roero, you can head for the French Riviera, whose history progresses rapidlywith a past that dates back to the beginning of knowledge.  You will drive through wild coastal scenery, and the varied landscape of the French Riviera will be revealed through your windows, before you arrive at the locations on our itinerary.

 Let the pleasure of your visit begin in our company.