Custom tours

The Botanical Gardens of Liguria

The beautiful gardens of the Liguria region can be found throughout the entire area, and there are many fine examples in all four Ligurian provinces. We will be more than happy to include them in your itineraries when helping you plan your trip to the Italian Riviera.

A tour for Connoisseurs

Imagine a painter’s palette with its many colors and shades. On this trip you will be the artist of your visits and the palette is truly rich! Under the sun, in the shade of a palm or an olive tree … contemplate […]

The history of our seas

We can offer you a fascinating journey through time – from Roman times to the present time – following the steps of the greatest navigators.

Maritime museums in Liguria

From Roman times to the present day, we suggest a truly evocative museum trip, which will lead you in the footsteps of the most experienced navigators.

Whales and Great Explorers

An educational day of discovery of the life of the seas, with a visit to a beautiful dolphinarium and to the most classic of oceanographic museums.

The Road of the Witches

We will transport you to the discovery of a treasure chest full of colors, scents, tastes and traditions. The cozy and charming Valle Argentina awaits to give you an unforgettable weekend.

Ligurian Cuisine

An extraordinary day that will first teach you everything you need to know about the basic ingredient of Ligurian cuisine, extra virgin olive oil, and then show you how to cook some of our most delicious typical dishes.

The Treasures of San Remo

This is a tour that demonstrates that San Remo is not only the setting for the famous Song Festival, but also a city full of history and traditions, with one of the most charming historic centers in Liguria, one that is also rich in gastronomic goodies.

Whale Watching in Liguria

An extraordinary day in search of the great whales that inhabit the Mediterranean and travel along the coast of our Riviera, once named "Costa Balenae" by the Romans .

An Extraordinary Aquarium

An exciting day in search of the glory of the Maritime Republic of Genoa while discovering the thousands of marine species found in the Aquarium of Genoa, in the grand setting of Porto Antico.

The Nectar of the Riviera

The Riviera, a land of sea and mountains, is also a land of fine wines, produced in limited quantities on terraces improvised along inaccessible mountain valleys.